Vic Arts Grant Application, February. 2017

Welcome to the support material for the application number : APP/2017-0623

Konii C Burns, The Treasure Hunt, 2018. Artist Book Installation Proposal.

  I am proposing a visual artist’s book presented as an interactive sculptural installation.

Twelve original artist’s books will be displayed, with each book threaded into an individual automatic page-turner of the type often used by classical musicians or the disabled.

Using mixed media including paint, ink and drawing, and collage on transparent paper, the books are wordless tales of layered images that encourage the viewers to use their own memories and imaginations, and to draw from their own experiences to discover their own story.

Each book will can be read from left to right or right to left. Using a WiFi pedal with pressure from either a foot or hand, the viewer has full control of the page-turning,  and interaction with the installation.

The viewer is also offered the opportunity to respond to the installation by writing a short story, a few words, a poem, a song, or any musings on paper, on provided sheets of paper. These pages will be added daily to a thirteenth page turner that will be on exhibition along with the twelve artist’s books. Through the course of the exhibition, this thirteenth page-turner will be filled with audience stories.

 These writings that are collected into the thirteenth book then become the narrative of the installation for each exhibition space. At the end of each exhibition these writings, along with photographs of the exhibition and including an artist’s statement, will be professionally bound together as a book, and gifted to each library to add to their collection.

 This installation will be offered to the regional libraries of Victoria, to create a touring exhibition during 2018. The exhibitions will include an opening and a closing night, with artists talks and a technique workshop being available to the community.

Below is work in progress images of the beginnings of the first artist book for exhibition.

Mixed media on transparent paper. 57 cm (h) x 46 cm (w)


Please find below a quote for the PageFlip Lite Automatic Page Turner.  I have also included the manufacturers  footage of how it works.  Here we need  a little creative fore thought to combine my work within the page turner to fully engage with my  proposal.

I am completely invested and committed to this project and seeing it through to its final exhibition. It holds a realm of excitement, of mystery and a whole lot of studio time ahead.