The Beauty of Brown Water, 2019 New series.

A series of 12 large scale, mixed media drawings on collage papers. These pieces address the ephemeral nature of both geography and life, through an exploration of the dams of Regional Victoria.


Sandy Fly Dam 1 & 2

The Beauty of Brown Water is a series of large-scale drawings celebrating the dams and waterways of Regional Victoria.

Within a few months, the dams of Victoria will be barren and dry, and it is through this body of work that I aim to capture their ephemeral geography. These works are a celebration of the local region’s beauty right now, as it presently is. In this age of being obsessed with fear around the destruction of the environment, I choose to celebrate the small wins.

I have been touring the region, jumping out of the car to stop and photograph moments with dams. Once in the studio, I draw inspiration from these experiences to produce textural and evocative experiences – an essence of these dams, even though it be fleeting.

As with my previous work, I have collaged mixed and transparent paper to form uneven, textured surfaces for each drawing. This helps to create movement within the image as I manipulate various mediums around the surface.

I invite the viewer to see the beauty of our immediate world – to celebrate the nourishing waters, the mini-oasis and the fleeting fullness of the dams as a metaphor for our own lives.

Each dam that I resonated with will be represented by 2 large scale drawings. There will be 12 in total.

Sandy Fly Dam,  Junortoun: the road to work,  Julies dam, Spring Gully, The Cascades.

These are the first of the series.



Whipstick State Forest.

Sandy Fly Dam.



Sandy Fly Dam 1. 110 cm x 80 cm, mixed media on collaged paper.

Sandy Fly Dam 2 110 cm x 80 cm, mixed media on collaged paper.


Julies Dam #1 & #2


Julies Dam #1

Julies Dam #2 ; Pallets in the dam