Ephemeral Geography, 2016

  Entitled ” Ephemeral Geography”  describes the charting of the geography of the mind as it processes the short lived life span of earthly pleasures.

This particular installation consist of multiple drawings on paper, executed with ink, watercolor and pastel. All varying heights with all an average of 2 metres each in length and 50cm in width.The work can be exhibited in many ways, when seen horizontally, each piece  end to end, it reads as a 20 mt horizon. 

Inspiration and purpose for this work has been a part of healing the overwhelming grief of losing my mother, my  sister  and grandmother within a small space of time.  The process of art as therapy, release and comfort.

This work is available for exhibition including an artist talk on process technically and emotionally.

 Entire installation available $5,000 inc delivery.

Pls contact me at connie@connieburns.com.au for any inquires

Link to the following exhibition of this work.  http://connieburns.com.au/ephemeral-geography-ballarat-2016

I exhibited as Konii C Burns from 2008 till 2017 .