Atrabilious, 2019 12 Yrs on.


Her condition is fantastic, I have taken all care in her preservation. No detail has been lost and still looks as remarkable in the flesh as when she was first exhibited in 2007.

I am fortunate enough to have been involved in another exhibition addressing mental health and arts. This work has been incredibly  well received.

I have  now opened up Atrabilious  style art work,  by commission. Please note these works are of the same medium and technique although not part of the original work. Therefore size can be custom to suit the purchases needs. The work will also be on paper .  These works will be 160cm in height x your custom width.  Eg: 160cm x 100cm , 160cm x 300cm etc.  Pricing is per metre.

Atrabilious as the full, original installation is also available for exhibition and acquisition.

Please contact Connie for any details regarding exhibitions/installations/commissions.

M: 0431516219


Atrabilious first installation and artist statement here




Video by co exhibiting artist ceramists B J Nailon of Upstairs 22 Gallery in Castlemaine, Victoria.