2017 Surreal Worlds in Oil.

I have been working with an unusual amount of artistic energy which is  cultivating as a collection of small oil paintings. I rarely use oils , yet when I do I am always in love with the richness and texture and a little bewildered that I keep forgetting about them.

I really enjoy creating a multitude of layers, images and surreal scenery within the containment of the smaller sized canvases.  This size restriction challenges my heavy hand to tread lightly, to pull back from the temptation to over use materials and just let the work organically reveal itself.  For some pieces this unveiling can happen within minutes and for others it  can take as long as it does to produce work many  times this size.

All these works  are alternative worlds I have  experienced through meditation.


Amazing Sci Fi stories.  5 x 7 canvas board.


Pls contact me connie@connieburns.com.au  with any inquiries.