The Beauty of Brown Water, 2019 New series.

new large scale, work on paper , drawing installation series beginning….

This new drawing collage series is an exploration of looking at the environment in which I live , with a loving outlook. Known to be a harsh, dry, ravished region, through drought and  gold mining,my local Central Victorian landscape can at the height of a stinking hot summer bring me to tears for  fear of simultaneously exploding into a huge ball of flame that engulfs our existence. The sun too hot, any time outside is painful. The land is crispy, dry and frightening. This winter I escaped to a beautiful part of southern NSW coast where everything was green and lush, idealistic,  although within all its beauty I felt like an intruder, not connected to that beauty at all.

Once home in the studio , I tried to capture that foreign NSW environment in my work. It was hard, it wouldn’t come through me. It was frustrating and photos for reference do not capture emotion nor energy nor connection. As I tried to push that work frustratingly into something pretty, I found myself  even more disconnected. Perhaps drawing a postcard not an experience.

I felt I needed to engage with my environment, find its beauty in where Iive, not where I visited once in a while. I drove around my local environment searching the land for beauty. What did I see in NSW that I am not seeing here? I began looking at the the shades of green, the light and shadow of trees. This was difficult until I let myself see the beauty that is gracing our land at the moment, fully aware that this fleeting green  will pass soon as the heat comes. This winter at home we had a lot of welcomed rain.

I began to be drawn to the dams of properties I drove past. They are all full, full of fresh water, reflections of golden hour sunlight bouncing off the trees, reflections of grey winter skies, hidden logs, muddy shores and strange objects. They are not the empty, baron, dry  holes they were only a few months ago.  For the first time, after living in this region for 15 years, I can see its beauty.  The beauty of brown water.  I associated water beauty with massive rivers, coast lines and waterfalls, now to see so much beauty around me I feel safe and supported in this once dry, brown and lonely land.

I spent many months touring the region, jumping out of the car to stop and photograph moments with dams trespassing on properties.  Once in the studio I have colllaged and drawn inspiration from these experiences  to produce work with meaning, perspective and emotion.  To capture an essence of these dams,  be it fleeting .

As my previous work I have chosen to collaged mixed paper and transparent paper to form uneven , textured surfaces for each drawing.  This helps to create movement within the image  as I manipulate multi mediums around the surface.

Each dam that I resonated with will be represented by 3 large scale drawings. There will be 12 in total.

Sandy Fly Dam,  Junortoun: the road to work,  Julies dam, Spring Gully.

These are the first of the series.


Whipstick State Forest.

Sandy Fly Dam.


Sandy Fly Dam 1 & 2


Sandy Fly Dam 1. 110 cm x 80 cm, mixed media on collaged paper.

Sandy Fly Dam 2 110 cm x 80 cm, mixed media on collaged paper.